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Home Control Made Easy!

We offer a variety of automation services suited to seamlessly integrate technology into your home or office.

 Custom Home Automation Services & Control Systems Installation

Did you know that just by adding a few home automation devices your family can feel safer and in control of your living space?

Smarten up your dream home!

Energy Management

Make your home more energy efficient by adding smart lighting. How much energy is being wasted in your home every day due to lights or small appliances being left on? Put your house into “energy” mode when you leave or remotely!

Home entry security solution

Security SYSTEMS

Make your home safer by adding smart lighting. If your alarm system is triggered flash the lights on your front porch to frighten intruders away. If your smoke detectors go off, light a pathway to the nearest exit. Enhance your security system with a few lighting devices.


Imagine one button for ‘Cooking’ that lights up the kitchen and makes it easy to see while you’re slicing and dicing. Ready for guests? Hit the ‘Entertain’ button that brings the lights down and sets the mood for good conversation.


…the lights, TV, and stereo go on, the game begins to play and the temperature sets automatically as you enter your home. Get a home theater and/or automation system, or a commercial AV system or surveillance system installed today.
DSCMI home automation services

Custom Home Automation Services

We are a full-service custom home entertainment and business technology solutions provider located in North Hollywood, California.

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